About me

“Keeping it short and simple. Saving energy and concentrating.
This is a strategy I pursue … besides nurturing playfulness and tenderness.” Florenza



Life & Professional Coach
Connection to Self, Others & Nature
For more Authenticity. More You.

* Psychologist (FSP)
* Coach & Supervisor (BSO)
* Generative Coaching & Trance (S. Gilligan)
* Wingwave Coaching (C. & H. Besser-Siegmund)
* Wish Definition & Realisation (B. Sher)
* Practitioner, Master & Trainer of NLP
* Adult Trainer (FSEA)

Florenza Perrina is Swiss and Italian citizen and speaks French, Italian, English and German fluently. She grew up in Geneva, the French speaking part of Switzerland and has lived and worked in Zürich, Switzerland, since 2004. Her professional and personal experience in various cities in Germany, UK, Canada, French and German speaking Switzerland has sharpened her cultural awareness, her open-mindedness, has made her more resilient and enabled her to adapt to new environments. She is a highly sensitive and perceptive coach, looking to understand deeply the world and emotions of her counterparts. She values lifelong learning, new discoveries and pursues continuing education on an ongoing basis.

Florenza is working as independent professional Coach since 2012 mainly in the areas related to important changes in life which bring you upside down (important decisions,  job or partner related). She decided to leave her successful international business career in Human Resources Management and fully dedicate herself to “growth” of individuals, following her heart more then all the good reasons of staying in the so called “comfort zone”. This requires courage and trust in oneself. “Dare the path forward, it is full of unexpected discoveries”,  is one of her important motto. Most of the challenging situation we face are there to teach us something and ensure we move on to a next level of understanding on our development, the so called “hero’s journey” (Joseph Campbell).

A tree grows in all directions: upwards, downwards and sidewards. The same applies to us human beings.

Florenza works with business professionals of all levels from Management to Blue Collar. It does not really matter the status.
Important is your wish to move forward, reach something very special and precious for yourself and be ready to get the performance masks off.

Florenza’s passions are contemporary arts, animals, nature (especially trees), different cultures and healthy food.

Further information available at: www.linkedin.com or www.xing.com.