“Professional athletes have coaches. Why not everyone else?”
Atul Gawande

Coaching gives an opportunity to self-reflect, add on new strategies and grow further. It is primarily about self-leadership and self-relationship competencies. It all starts with you. This becomes relevant when an individual encounters challenges in his/her professional or/and personal environment e.g. in solving a task, dealing with a difficult situation or person, having to make an important decision, changing career, motivating oneself or simply in defining the next steps to go.

The responsibility of the coach is to guide this process and unlock the (re)discovery of resources and orientation towards creative solutions. Ways can be exchanging, questioning, listening, visualizing, drawing, going for a walk in the nature and allowing to gain new perspectives in finding new possibilities to achieve one’s identified intention or objectives.

An average of 4-6 coaching sessions can already have a relevant impact on the following possible areas:
* Conflict management
* Motivation 
& goal orientation
* Career development
 & orientation
* Stress & challenge management
* Relationships 
& communication
* Confidence
 & success
* Discovering strengths
* Decision-making

The key methodologies applied are:
– Generative Coaching & Trance:  allows change to occur at the deepest level of identity. It is a mind/body approach to help a person transform the way they think, feel, respond (when it is hindering the set intention), and allows to create something new.

wingwave Coaching: very efficient and validated methodology which relieves emotional stress or blockages (known or unknown) towards reaching a specific objective or intention. E.g. fear of exams, stress with someone (family, partner, friend) or with an activity, physical pain, allergies, food cravings, etc.ww_logo_rgb_250px

– Neuro-Linguistic Programming: a diversified, systemic, communication-oriented and humanistic approach to challenges, respecting individual interests and desires while considering the context or frame where a situation is happening.

– Wish Definition & Realisation (transition, orientation, development): is about identifying and exploring wishes/dreams, planning & focusing in realizing the next steps, and reflecting through the process.

Coaching is offered in French, Italian, German or English:

* Face-to-face
Through the encounter of two individuals, something new can emerge and continue to grow.

* Online – per WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype
Online tool are a very valuable option for individuals needing to accommodate work/life,  limited available time or more urgent queries.

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