Trees & Coach


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”


This is about walking in the forest or in a park close to the city.
This is simply about being, letting go, breathing.
This is about observing nature as it is.
This is about gaining new inspiration.
This is about sharpening our senses.
This is not a botanical course.
This is a source of wellbeing.
This is about discovering.
This is a resource.
This is beauty.
This is magic.
This is life.

This is a different coaching context, where nature is recognized as our powerful mentor and supporter on the development journey.
Everything (even very small things) out there can help us for the next steps. Let’s use it. It is just there in front of the door waiting for us!

Timing: 1-1.5 hour max
Where: Zürich parks or forest (Rietberg, Klus, Irchel, Züriberg, Zoo, Uetliberg, Felsenegg)
Book a time early morning, at lunch or in the evening. Walks can be individual or in group.