Olive Tree Project

Olive Groves (ca 100 trees) close to Grottaminarda (AV) – Italy

! Detailed information in this LINK :  + Olive Tree Project – pdf file +






OLIVE HARVEST (2019: from around 12th Oct till 26 Oct 2019) – Searching for VOLUNTEERS to support us!
For 3 main tasks in the olive groves, each requiring a good level of physical fitness as the land is steep (uphill) and task are demanding/repetitive:
– Combing: Using the vibrating electric comb to ensure the olive fall down from the trees
– Arranging the nets: Spreading the 15×7 m long nets on the ground, to ensure that the olive can fall on it
– Collecting olives from the net: Collecting all the fallen olives from the net and store them into boxes/bags